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Founded and managed by a group of media professionals seasoned in the Vietnamese market, Hệ Thống Truyền Thông Cali Today is the first and only Vietnamese-language media network offering regional geographical coverage and multiple media (including print, radio, business directory, internet and public events). As a result, we are able to help our clients deliver sales messages in a strong, effective way.

Our many services include copy translation and artwork design, account management & media buying and placement, and 7-days-a-week customer support in multiple languages. We lend our cultural know-how and language expertise to help you present your business in the best possible light. Businesses that work with Hệ Thống Truyền Thông Cali Today love us and stay with us.
Why? We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their success in the Vietnamese market.

In print
• Cali Today Daily Newspaper (Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Oakland – Published every day from Tuesday to Saturday)
• Dan Viet Bi-Weekly Newspaper (published every Tuesday and Saturday – Sacramento, Stockton and Central Valley)

On the Air
• Pho Dem Radio, 1500 AM, every day from 1pm to 5pm, from 8pm to 11pm, Sat from 6-8pm and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm

On the Web
• (Ranked by (an Amazon Company) as one of the most popular news websites in Vietnamese worldwide)
• Webcast (The most popular webcast in Vietnamese)
• We also have (dedicated for classified ad) and in online business directory).
• In addition, we also have other news websites for other cities with large Vietnamese communities such as,,, and

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for:
• Charity events
• Cali Tonight Concerts
Sponsorship benefits include the following: logo identification on official communications and mailings, tickets, signage and distribution of collateral materials at events. To discuss upcoming sponsorship events, please call or send email to, or

– Simultaneous access to multiple newspapers, magazines, radio, and Internet
– High penetration in Northern California and nationwide.
– Building up business brandname.
– Increasing sales instantly and effectively for short term and long term.
– High advertisement retention
– Geographic or demographics targeting capability
– Unbeatable convenience with our one-order one-bill service
– Best return on advertising dollar

• Double Spread Center Fold: 26” (width) x 21” (height)
• Full page: 11.75” (width) x 21” (height)
• Half page: 11.75” (width) x 10.5” (height)
• Quarter page: 5.75” (width) x 10.5” (height)

– Insertion orders must be received at least 3 business day in advance.
– Artwork must be received no later than 1 business day prior to publication.
– Artwork can be delivered by mail or electronically via email.

• 1. Top banner: 728×90 pixels $1,050 per week (for week-by-week ad)
• $975 per week (for 4- weeks contract)
• $925 per week (for over-eight-weeks contract)

2. Left-column box banners: 220 (wide) x160 (high, variable) pixels
• $275 per week (for week-by-week ad)
• $245 per week (for 4- weeks contract)
• $215 per week (for over-eight-weeks contract)

3. Right side banners: 336×250 pixels
• $575 per week (for week-by-week ad)
• $550 per week (for 4- weeks contract)
• $525 per week (for over-eight-weeks contract)

4. Middle-column banners: 630×250 pixels or 630×200, 630×150
• $775 per week (for week-by-week ad)
• $750 per week (for 4- weeks contract)
• $725 per week (for over-eight-weeks contract)

5. Inside-Article banners: 336×250 pixels
• $150 per run

6. We have other ad solutions for you, please contact us at (408) 297-8271.

• We reserve the right to refuse any advertising without explanation.
• We will charge the flat rate of $50 for any update.
• We also reserve the right to change the locations of any side banner ads without prior notice.
• Please mail your payment to  Hệ Thống Truyền Thông Cali Today at: 1460 Tully Road #601, San Jose, Ca 95122.
If you want to pay by credit card, please call (408) 297-8271
• Ad will be emailed to, or

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